Sozopol is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable cities at the Bulgarian coast and also one of the most ancient. It is filled with archaeological and historical monuments, preserved traditional Bulgarian houses, sunny beaches with fine gold sand, noisy discos and bars with live music.


It’s located 35 kilometers from Burgas which takes around 30 minutes by car and 40 by bus. There are buses from the bus station to Sozopol and there is a course on each hour, the ticket will cost you approximately 10 BNG, or €5.


The bay of Sozoposozopol know bulgaria knowbulgaria luxcorvusl divides it into two parts – Old Town and New Town. There are beaches in both parts of the city. They are paved with fine, golden sand and they still offer places free of paid loungers and parasols. The water is clear and blue. All historical and antique stuff will be found in Old Town and the nightlife with all the pubs can be found in big numbers on the main street in the New Town of Sozopol.


While enjoying your vacation and soaking up sunlight and vitamin D you will have a choice of typical beach attractions – you can rent a jet or water wheel, get on a rubber banana, descend with a paraglider or try windsurfing. Prices for the various resorts are not fixed, you have to see at each place individually.



But let’s not forget to mention the disorderly callers on the beach that will not leave you hungry! Around every 20 minutes two men are passing the beach carrying a large pot of boiled corn. Usually they amaze with their tan due to their daily walks along the sand for months and as well with their high voice disclosing their valuable cargo, worth 2BNG (€1). The service is in Bulgarian and Russian, but if you’re lucky you can hear it in English as well.


Another attraction that offers you a very nice and romantic experience are the horse carriages next to the Sea Garden. As a guide price we would give €30 for a panoramic stroll from the Old Town to the New Town of Sozopol. And if you are looking for a cheaper, but also romantic alternative, the personal advice of KnowBulgaria is to go to the harbor at sunset. The same advice goes also if you are a photography lover!


Historically Sozopol is considered to be the oldest city on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, dated somewhere between 5-3 BC. It’s first name is Anthea given to it by the Greeks, which later was changed in honor of the God Apollo (Apollon) to Apollonia. You can meet it also as Apollonia Pontica, which translated from Greek means “Black Sea Apolonia.”


Even with its first settlers and the Skirmiadi Thracians who came later on, Sozopol developed as an ore settlement with well-developed sea trade. The main goods were copper tools for everyday life. Evidence of the seafaring are the numerous shipwrecks and brass anchors found in the harbor.


The fortress walls in Sozopol were built during the reign of Emperor Anastasius I Dicorus (491-518), when the city lied within the territories of the Eastern Roman Empire. The fortresses were still completing their course of years, while the city became one of the most important towns along the Via Pontica. Due to this importance it was repeatedly conquered and re-conquered by Byzantium and Bulgaria until it was given the status of a regional and Episcopal city in the Middle Ages.